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    NOVA Chemicals Expandable Styrenics division provides a complete portfolio of foam resin solutions to our valued customers.

    EPS Resins

    NOVA Chemicals is an industry leader in expandable polystyrene (EPS) technologies. EPS has excellent physical properties, low energy consumption and has FDA compliant offerings. Its lightweight and proven performance makes it suitable for a wide variety of markets and applications including building & construction, geofoam, packaging, and cup & container. Our solutions enable our customers to produce high-quality products that are sturdy, safe and durable.

    Manufactured at two locations in North America, NOVA Chemicals produces three types of EPS resin: Shape/Regular Grade, a general-purpose EPS resin; Modified EPS, which contains specially formulated flame retardants, and Specialty EPS, which includes low pentane products, as well as DYLITE? resin, a leading resin in the global cup and container market.

    DYLITE? ResinModified EPSShape/Regular Grade EPSRecycled Content

    ARCEL? Resins

    ARCEL? resin, one of NOVA Chemicals’ proprietary product lines, consists of expandable polystyrene/polyethylene interpolymers. This unique combination of these two materials allows for exceptional toughness, flexibility and durability, all in a lightweight form. From packaging and protection to automotive and recreational applications, ARCEL resin is the ideal solution for a multitude of applications and challenges.

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