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    R&D and technology are at the heart of NOVA Chemicals’ success. Through our people, facilities, and equipment, we are able to innovate and deliver products, applications, and services that create value for our customers.

    Our PE Technology group employs more than 300 highly skilled and trained technicians, scientists, engineers, and other professionals with extensive experience in polyolefins industries. In addition, we maintain world-class R&D and testing facilities and equipment that enable our customer-centric innovation.


    By continually advancing our technology, we can:

    Develop Products: Leveraging our technology and experience helps us to develop new products for our customers, providing the solutions they need to advance their business.

    Tailor Products: By working closely with our customers, we can often adjust or tailor our products specifically to their needs.

    Improve Products and Processes: We direct much of our energy toward improving our products and the processes we use to make them.

    Develop Applications: In many cases, we can help our customers improve their end products through the development of new or better innovative applications.