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    Customers are central to NOVA Chemicals’ business. We choose markets based on where our solutions and expertise create the most value – for customers. Customer needs drive our technology and product innovations, and close customer collaboration maximizes the value of our solutions.

    Polyethylene Resins 


    Looking for a competitive advantage? NOVA Chemicals’ quality polyethylene resins provide high-performance, sustainable, cost-effective solutions to your customers’ most pressing challenges.

     High-performance polyethylene resins can provide a host of benefits, including but not limited to:

    • help to extend food freshness
    • reduce packaging gauge
    • improve organoleptic properties
    • enhance barrier properties
    • provide product protection

    Our resins can assist in developing strong, versatile, and dependable products for everyday use and are a resilient alternative to traditional materials for numerous applications.  They work well for a variety of markets and applications including:

    • bags and liners
    • caps and closures
    • compounding
    • corrugated and conduit
    • drums and intermediate bulk containers
    • food packaging
    • heavy duty sacks
    • hygiene films
    • industrial injection molding
    • pail and crate
    • protective packaging
    • rotational molding
    • small part blow molding
    • stretch film
    • trash bags